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Bee Removal Specialist is the right decision when selecting a professional bee removal company. We are not only bee removal guys but also beekeepers. We love honey bees and we try to save them every chance we get. Live bee removal is offered in most cities that we service. We also understand that because of their size, they often times get into those little areas that are nearly impossible to reach let alone remove the bee hive alive. When we send out a bee removal specialist, he will do his best to properly solve your bee hive problem.

Each and every one of our bee guys has been trained by the best and has gained much knowledge by personal experience.

Our favorite bee call is when someone has a swarm of bees on their property.

The bees will either group up on a tree branch, bush or just attach themselves under the eave of a house. We remove these bees carefully by either vacuuming them up with a bee vac or simply shaking them into a bee box.

The bees are then transferred to our own bee apiary or to another local beekeeper. Bee removal is what we do. When you call us about your bee problem, you will be speaking with a bee profesional. We will remove your bees the very same day that you call. We guarantee our work and give you an outstanding warranty. We will solve your problem and make you a very happy customer. Give us a call right now toll free (888) 480-3793†and ask any questions that you like.†

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Bee Removal:

The bee expert is Harold Wright who is also the owner of Bee Safe Bee Removal. Harold grew up in a beekeeping family and as part of their living removed Honey bees from residential homes and comercial properties in and around Dallas and Tarrant county. Harold learned from both of his parents how to remove honey bee hives properly. He implemented the teachings into his own business. So when Bee Removal Specialist removes your bee hive from your home, they do all the repairs so that you donít have to call someone else and pay more.

In addition to Bee Removal, Bee Safe Bee Removal Specialists also offer a number of Other Services as well.

Now Serving all of the following areas:

Birmingham,†Anchorage,†Phoenix,†Tucson,†Mesa,†Chandler,†Glendale,†Scottsdale,†Gilbert,†Los Angeles,†San Diego,†San Jose,†San Francisco,†Fresno,†Long Beach,Sacramento,†Oakland,†Anaheim,†Bakersfield,†Riverside,†Santa Ana,†Stockton,†Modesto,†Irvine,†Chula Vista,†Fremont,Denver,†Colorado Springs,†Aurora,Jacksonville,†Miami,†Tampa,†Hialeah,†Orlando,†St Petersburg,†Atlanta,†Honolulu,†Boise,†Chicago,†Indianapolis,†Fort Wayne,†Wichita,†Louisville,†Lexington,†New Orleans,†Baton Rouge,†Boston,†Detroit,†Minneapolis,†St Paul,†Kansas City,†St Louis,†Omaha,†Lincoln,†Las Vegas,†Henderson,†Reno,Newark,†Jersey City,Albuquerque,†New York,†Buffalo,†Rochester,†Charlotte,†Raleigh,†Greensboro,†Durham,†Winston Salem,†Columbus,†Cleveland,†Cincinnati,†Toledo,†Akron,Oklahoma City,†Tulsa,†Portland,†Philadelphia,†Pittsburgh,†Memphis,†Nashville,†Bee Removal Dallas,†Bee Removal Houston,†Bee Removal San Antonio,†Bee Removal Fort Worth,†Bee Removal Austin,†Corpus Christi,†El Paso,†Laredo,†Lubbock,†Garland,†Plano,†Salt Lake City†,†Arlington,†Virginia Beach,†Norfolk,Chesapeake,†Seattle,†Milwaukee,†Madison

Let Bee Safe Keep Your Family Safe†Ė We will solve your problem and make you a very happy customer.

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